Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

The air is alive with the energy of Valentine's day. As it approaches, you can wander into your local mall and see the sight of many couples walking hand in hand. The ladies have a glowing smile as they hold hands with their worried, under-prepared mates. It's amusing until the middle of the month when it could become dangerous (for him anyway). Her eyes will narrow to predatory slits that will scan his hands and then the rest of him.

We couldn't take any credit for saving strained relationships at this point, but we are definitely in the market to help prevent them. Flowers, chocolates, sparkling jewelry, and designer things are all great at extending your woes, errr, relationship, though sometimes at the expense of shortening your buying power. This year think of us. Our marshmallows are exclusive and very unique and make for excellent gift ideas. With so many flavors, you could easily get her a choice selection of her favorites and be the hero for another twelve months.

Gentlemen, wouldn't you like to see the look of your significant other's smile as she sees admires you for buying her something special; something that appeals to all 32 of her sweet teeth? Conversely, you could see all 32 enraged teeth when you show up with a pharmacy bag topped with last minute gifts pulled from the Halloween clearance aisle. Things could get messy and that's bad. We care about our customer's happiness.

Order really soon in order to have your order at your doorstep by V-Day, or perhaps order a little later to have it ready for IS-Day (as in “I'm Sorry” that I forgot). It makes for a great gift idea either way. With the cold air still around, something sweet to warm from the inside out can have long lasting effects.

The now-finally-over-with holiday season has brought about a new addition to our mallow world because of its impressive popularity. Presenting the latest and greatest flavors: chocolate mint & red hot cinnamon. We were impressed and delighted to know that so many of you liked our interpretation of these flavors. I hope we can keep our desserts pressed to America's taste buds and bring you even more of what you never knew you couldn't live without. {pictures comming soon}

Next time:
There's BIG, HUGE news that you WILL NOT want to miss in the coming weeks. Mia Mallows might never be the same.
{For a Once in a lifetime Opportunity, we were Delited that NEw Transmissions will be Written to make Our mallows Really Known}