Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here Come the Brides

September is two things to us here at First, it’s going to be the month we set up a booth at the San Antonio Bridal Extravaganza and second, it’s right around the corner!!!
Let me preface this event by saying that we set up shop at the practice trial run about a week ago where we met very nice caterers, florists, event planners, and travel agents. All of them were fabulously welcoming and were eager to talk to us, the new guys, about their lives. It wasn’t log before they were sharing stories about last year’s big event, though oddly enough, none of them were really smiling as their eyes rolled across their “you don’t know what you’ve got coming” faces. Still, they were very encouraging and did provide helpful tips that I’m sure will help in serving all of you out there.

The plan is simple: survive the onslaught of some 2000 brides looking for everything from wedding consultants to unique wedding ideas and favors. This is where we plan to step in and fulfill their every marshmallow need. Something about having that many brides, many of whom will have their soon-to-be’s with them, makes me shudder. I get this feeling that I’m going to end up like the Dunkin Donuts guy who will wake up before the roosters do trying to get to the store to finish off those last thousand or so peppermint or peanut butter mallows. Each and every Mia Mallow employee will be there with a smile and a sample waiting for all of you to arrive. All the stops will be pulled for this event and that means we’ll have all 26 flavors on hand. If you happen to be in the San Antonio area on September 22nd and have always wanted to try one (or all of our flavors), this will be your best chance so far. Just remember two things. First, there are going to be mobs of people but we’re already designing a layout that will help us stand out, and second, it’s right around the corner!!! If you can’t make it (Canadians, you may be excused) then we understand and hope to post pictures of the madness after the event, provided we recover the use of our limbs or learn to type with our ear lobes.

We’ve done festivals in the past and some have been as good to us as we hope to have been to our loyal customers and readers. This fall, in fact, we are planning on hitting the roads of Texas, sans horse-driven carriage, in search of sad faces wanting, no, needing, something to make them feel happy and content again. I’m not sure if Mia Mallows can bring this country out of its woes, but we like to think it’s a step in the right direction. Nobody has ever had one of our mallows and kept a sour face, even after the lime flavored ones. Hmmm, maybe we should send some to Washington. I’ll have to start working on a presidential seal next.
In any case, this should serve as your advance notice. I hope you can join us for all the fun and if not, you can always order all 26 flavors and throw your very own wedding party. In fact, we encourage you to do so. Operators would be standing by if we had any. Someday soon I hope.

On another note, Audrey’s Country Crafts is having a raffle, giving away an 18 pack of my delicious gourmet marshmallows. Please visit her blog: