Monday, November 15, 2010

The six months of Christmas, or so it seems sometimes.

Break out the holiday sweets; its that time of year again. The air is cooling, the leaves are dropping, spiked eggnog mugs are being downed, Jack Frost is brushing and flossing, and the mallows are ready to land at your doorstep. Last year our marshmallows made wonderful christmas gift ideas and we heard from many of the recipients about how they enjoyed their treats. Many even went on to become customers themselves which is a source of pride for us. And as if on cue, here is an actual response we just got in this week about last year's mallow Christmas:

"Last year at Christmas eve, we were drinking hot chocolate, when one of the girls asked if I had marshmallows, and I said 'no honey but that would sure have made this hot chocolate'. So then of course Christmas morning their stockings have these huge wonderful marshmallows (thanks to you my wonderful Elf) and they have not stopped talking about this all year. So they will be so excited when they get them because like I mentioned they put on their list to Santa to get the marshmallow and rubber boots. A crazy combination but that is what is on their list. I just wanted to take the time and tell you that this will probably be a favorite Christmas memory and I appreciate you making such a wonderful product and not marking the package so that it can come from Santa. I look forward to the package, thanks so much. You never know when the littlest things can have the biggest impact. Take Care and enjoy the weekend."  
 - Cindy, from Texas

This year we are offering more flavors than we had last year and more packages too.

Our shop is already gearing up for the holidays. Several special event orders have already been placed and sent. We are expecting our process and delivery times to remain pretty much the same as it has all year but the shippers will probably slow new arrivals down as we get closer to Christmas and the other holidays. As such we have this year's delivery deadlines ready for your viewing enjoyment:

Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Thursday, Nov. 18th.

Hannukah (Dec. 1st - 9th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Nov. 24th.

Christmas (Dec. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Dec. 15th.
New Years Eve (Dec. 31st) - Get your orderse in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Dec. 22nd.

For the next two months we will also be out getting the word out in person at several area festivals and craft shows. You can check out our site for more details on where we can be found. These last few weeks have been especially enjoyable for us. There are always new folks out there who haven't tried our mallows. Most are amazed that there are mallows beyond what is available at your local grocery store and the gift giving idea is still a popular one.

And finally, for bonus points on this holiday mallow quiz, who can tell me what next month's Flavor Of The Month is? Anybody? Beuller? Beuller? The answer is Peanut butter and chocolate swirl. It will be available on our site and through Etsy at the beginning of December for a limited time only. Happy shopping and season's greetings everyone!

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