Thursday, May 20, 2010

Express News

Express News
It's such a big world that sometimes we try looking outward as far as we can only to forget the things that are close by. This past Sunday we were finally able to let the locals see the world of Mia Mallows. About a week ago our newspaper, The Express News, came knocking on our digital door and asked if we would be willing to submit to a friendly line of questioning. After agreeing to limit the use of a solitary room with a swinging light bulb, we agreed. One always worries when doing interviews because writers and bloggers are a sneaky folk who can and often write just about anything that floats to top of our heads. You can find this wonderful, frame-worthy article here:

Be sure to share it with 200 of your favorite friends (who will then think you're crazy and probably quit reading your emails).

After a little number crunching, we've come to realize that our huge (by Antarctic standards) company has just turned a single year old! Let's toast to the success we've had so far and to the customer's we've served and hope for an even better year to come and, um World Peace too while we're at it. It's true that the hard work has been harder to realize than a penrose triangle but it's been more than worth it. We've still got a bag full of ideas. Stay tuned.
Mia Mallows

Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 facts about the customers we love so much

Here are 10 facts about the customers we love so much:
1.Our customers are reading these comments.

2. Now you're thinking that was a silly fact.

4. Our customers didn't notice I skipped 3.

5.Our customers are checking it now.

6.Our customers are smiling.

7.Our best customers are still reading these comments.

8.Our customers know everything on this list is true.

10.Our customers didn't notice that I skipped 9.

11.Our customers are checking right now.

12.Our customers didn't notice there were only supposed to be 10 facts.

In other non-Icelandic volcanic news, Mia 35s continue to race up the popularity charts. We have found that shipping on Fridays has worked best for our customers. When ordering, our site displays the next shipping date so you can plan on taking that day off from work to wait next to the front door for the delivery guy or gal. Unfortunately though, our orders do not come with any valid excuses that could potentially save your career. Are our mallows worth it? Ten billion people can't be wrong.* (*-it's hard getting an accurate count so we'll borrow one from McDonald's.)

We were happy to have been found by another wonderful magazine recently and wanted to share that with you. Parade magazine contacted us and has posted on their blog website a short article about our store. You can find their blog here As always, we are thankful for having been noticed and picked from the entire world wide web for their article.

Soon we Express ourselves.