Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mia-Mallows is in the air.

If you happen to be flying this month be it for business or pleasure and you happen to also be flying American Airlines, you are in luck.  Not only are you traveling in amazing style, you also have something equally amazing to read over.  This month’s edition of ‘American Way’ includes none other than a shout-out to us.  We couldn’t be happier to be found and given a coveted spot in their magazine.  You’ll get to know a little more about Mia Mallows and hopefully entice you to visit us the moment your tray table and seat back returns to its upright locked position.  We also encourage you to let the plane come to a screeching halt at the terminal entrance before placing that order lest Homeland Security get between you and your order: not good.
This May’s flavor of the month is a drink in cube form as only we could do it.  Why stop off for a root beer float when you could carry one handily in your portmanteau for non-emergency use.  Our mallows come just as you’d expect to see a root beer float:  ½ root beer and ½ vanilla top.  The taste is spot on.  Give an order a try or join our Mallow of the Month club and be part of the latest limited-edition creations without missing out on what we’re dreaming up next.

A big airline sized Thank You to American Airlines for having us in their magazine.
Next month: is June.