Monday, December 10, 2012

Another mallow year coming to a close.

Our staff have diligently done their morning yoga and have completely their mallow-maker speed training. Our past experiences have prepared us well for this holiday season. We work most days of the week to ensure your order lands on your doorstep quickly. Your orders can be sent out immediately or even delayed a few days if you need them to arrive on a different date. Remember though that our gourmet marshmallows are made to order and are good for several weeks without a problem. We still can't be responsible for sneaky spouses and quick kids though.
To all of our customers past, present, and future we want to say Thank You for your loyalty and your support. We take the best care to make your mallows quickly and ship them out for you to enjoy.

Here's an interesting fact that could come in handy: marshmallows are gluten free! If your gift list includes somebody who happens to require gluten free snacks, this will be something they've probably never had and will never forget. The only exceptions on our menu would be the cookies 'n cream and the pumpkin with shortbread because of their toppings. They are coated in a staging area apart from our gluten free mallows.

Our order books still have plenty of room for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Our staff has answered many customer questions and can help you place orders for yourself or as holiday gifts.

From the Mia Mallows staff,
Thank you!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall into Fall with this year's November Flavor of the Month special

It's still a bit early to check which of Santa's list you've landed yourself onto but you might be able to swing the vote by gifting or sharing an order of this month's flavor of the month: 4 - cranberry orange plus 4 - cranberry apple! 

Mia Mallows has moved into the twitter universe.  Follow us on the sweet path.  We'll lay out a trail of marshmallow crumbs for our readers to nibble on.  There will be anouncements and special offers in the coming year for our twitter followers.  We've got a few ideas, special offers, important deadlines and non-secret messages that will help our marshmallows land in your hands.

Our twitter home is @MiaMallow.  It's a party and everybody is invited.
Order your 8-piece November Flavors of the Month today.
Order your 6-piece Fall Edition (2- Pecan Praline, 2- Pumpkin Pie, 2- Egg Nog).

Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Thursday, November 15th, for Thanksgiving delivery.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ready for Halloween?

This year we are offering more flavors than we had last year and more packages too.

Our shop is already gearing up for the holidays.  Several special event orders have already been placed and sent.  We are expecting our process and delivery times to remain pretty much the same as it has all year but the shippers will probably slow new arrivals down as we get closer to Christmas and the other holidays.  As such we have this year's delivery deadlines ready for your viewing enjoyment:

Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Thursday, Nov. 15th.
Hannukah (Dec. 1st - 9th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Mondayday, Nov. 26th.
Christmas (Dec. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Saturday, Dec. 15th.
New Years Eve (Dec. 31st) - Get your orderse in to us NO LATER THAN Saturday, Dec. 22nd.
Open the Holiday Doors!

Mia Mallows has proudly begun to take seasonal holiday orders beginning with the fantastic Halloween Edition.  The Halloween Edition is a 6-pack of pumpkin pie with shortbread, pecan praline and maple.  We have felt the first of winter sweep its way into our shop and we couldn't be happier to break out these limited edition gift sets that, whether for you or someone special, will again delight recipients with a sweet tooth.  In these tougher times, we're happy to help by purchasing our ingredients locally whenever possible and hand-making your mallows proudly in the USA. 
The peak of southern U.S. weather seems to be behind us, making shipping easier.  Mia Mallows still recommends shipping to a post office or having a signature required whenever possible to prevent your mallows from exposure to the elements and possible critters. 

October's Flavor of the Month - Candy Corn!

Mia Mallows is proudly offering one of the most exciting and familiar flavors of the year.  The venerable candy corn, now in marshmallow form!  Order a 6-piece Candy Corn mallow box from our website and wow your Halloween guests.
Next month, we resist the temptation to marshmallow a turkey.