Monday, December 10, 2012

Another mallow year coming to a close.

Our staff have diligently done their morning yoga and have completely their mallow-maker speed training. Our past experiences have prepared us well for this holiday season. We work most days of the week to ensure your order lands on your doorstep quickly. Your orders can be sent out immediately or even delayed a few days if you need them to arrive on a different date. Remember though that our gourmet marshmallows are made to order and are good for several weeks without a problem. We still can't be responsible for sneaky spouses and quick kids though.
To all of our customers past, present, and future we want to say Thank You for your loyalty and your support. We take the best care to make your mallows quickly and ship them out for you to enjoy.

Here's an interesting fact that could come in handy: marshmallows are gluten free! If your gift list includes somebody who happens to require gluten free snacks, this will be something they've probably never had and will never forget. The only exceptions on our menu would be the cookies 'n cream and the pumpkin with shortbread because of their toppings. They are coated in a staging area apart from our gluten free mallows.

Our order books still have plenty of room for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Our staff has answered many customer questions and can help you place orders for yourself or as holiday gifts.

From the Mia Mallows staff,
Thank you!

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