Monday, April 4, 2011

No April fool’s joke. We love marshmallows!

Put the mantle Santa away and break out the mantle Easter Bunny.  It’s time for one of the year’s sweetest months.  Store shelves are lined; stocked with pastel treats and toys.  Kids are frantic about which 8 toys and candies they absolutely can’t leave the store without.  Parents are doing the same.  Family gatherings are being planned and prepared for.  Park campouts are already in progress for the most die-hard partiers (how do they find the time to spend the entire month out there, hmmm). 

Any way you choose to celebrate or escape Easter, it can be done no better with giant hand-made marshmallows.  Popular this month is our berry flavors and the flavor of the month.  Several batches of Raspberry Lemonade mallows have already been shipped but there’s still plenty of room to fill your orders.  Having a party with lots of sweet toothed folks?  Then hop over to our site and order our Mia 36 assorted pack before April 15th to make sure you get yours before the party starts.  Overnight shipping is always available; please call us for more information.
Not sure what you’d like to stock your party platters or event displays with?  Visit our site for inspiration and help.  Our site is changing rapidly to help make salivating and ordering easier but if you don’t happen to find something you’d like online, please send us an email at or call us at (210)649-1551 and we’ll do our best to help you find something suitable to your plans.
Next month: Come fly with us.