Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Put the swimwear away and break out the red suit, Santa.

The holidays are fast approaching. Look around and you'll find the earliest of birds have already put up decorations, themes, and an assortment of goods and services for the not-so-distant holidays. I can't say that I understand much about store front managers and their wily ways, but I could have sworn that some of these decorations were already in place mid-summer. It's a small wonder then that we feel a little left behind when it comes to our holiday marshmallow collection.

Yup, we have officially begun preparing for our (and your) holiday gatherings. Think of us as your sweets caterers who will be happy to bring conversation pieces to your parties, but won't actually be there to eat all the good stuff before your invited guests arrive. Best of all, your friends and family will love you just a little more when they see what you've found them from our little shop.

With the summer heat waining and the days getting just a little shorter, I submit for your consideration something to help ease you into the holiday seasons.

Mia Mallows is very proud to present our first (of several) Holidays Editions marshmallow packages for your reading pleasure.

First up, our Fall Package. Order today and receive three pairs of delicious fall themed marshmallows neatly packaged and delivered to your door.

---There are two caramel mallows that have a warm soothing flavor to them and would go well with any drink, especially a cup of hot coffee.
---Two pumpkin spice mallows rolled over a shortbread crumble so each bite tastes just like a nibble of pumpkin pie, sans the fork, plate, and mess.
---Two pecan praline mallows that have been pecan coated for that extra fresh taste with a little crunch. It's like having a quick bite of pecan pie. The pecan praline mallows have been praised for their savory sweetness and once you try one, you'll agree.

Flavors link directly to memories for most people. Think back to the last time you had a party and the memories of the food will likely dictate whether you had a good time or not. Its the same with our treats, you'll take a snapshot of the world around you when you take that first bite. Our flavors are very important to us. With artificial ingredients you either get it right or 'Sweet Jesus' wrong which is why most of our flavorings are now purely organic. The taste is more pleasing to the pallette and less likely to cause puckering, the chills, or bitter beer face. Even though our batches are made to order, you'll find that your order today will taste just like your past favorites and hopefully twenty, maybe thirty years from now, you'll find that the taste brings you back to this day.

Next time, we'll talk about the Christmas Edition. Those flavors will definitely glaze your eyes over with holidays gone by.

Monday, October 5, 2009

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Halloween Edition Marshmallows: