Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seasons change and so do the mallows

The Mia Mallows staff is always out looking at what the world would love to see next. We haven't run out of ideas, but one never knows when the recipe will be delicious-able enough to be sent out to the rest of the world. We won't be taking a ludditian approach to our mallows and so far it's worked out pretty well. Today we add yet another flavor to our growing family of mallows. Our artisans have homed in on the perfect recipe for the newest flavor: the Halloween Caramel Apple. We took a little bit of October carnival and added it to a little bit of fall festival (the good foods, not the bad crowds) and mashed it down into a cube for easy shipping.

Celebrate Halloween with the sweet smooth taste of the caramel apple mallow. Imagine the fun of eating a caramel apple without having to stop at the core. Our mallows have neither the core nor the seeds to slow you down.
Order from us and amaze your friends and family at the size of your mallows when they arrive at your door. These aren't your typical Lilliputian mallows offered in stores. Nope, these family sized mallows are made for the connoisseur who will take a small nibble, expecting to find the familiar flavor of a marshmallow, only to find him or herself taking full bites with one hand and fending off friends and foes with the other. The size and quality of our marshmallows will delight their new owners. You'll get enough to share, probably. If not, we're ready to ship quickly.

Next time: we'll discuss the importance of the Bridge of Weir to 18th century Scotland.