Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So sweet. So sour?

Mia Mallows continues to innovate and enhance the world of gourmet marshmallows.  Today, after some serious tasty research and testing, we are extremely pleased to offer the world another first in marshmallowing history:  the sour cherry marshmallow!!  Yup, you’ve read the clearly and correctly.  I know, I know, at this point your philtrum is probably twitching at the thought of a sour mallow, but let us explain.

We carefully measured the sourness and definitely created a rich flavor side rather than an atomic one.  You’re not going to bite down on one of these cubes and pucker blindly until white stars leave your vision.  Instead, you’ll get a sweet cherry taste with hints of sourness, just like a real cherry delivers.  These mallows are definitely something unique and are for a limited time only.  If you haven’t given our mallows a try in some time, you’ll definitely want to catch an order of these while they are available.
 Next month: we salute the Stars and Stripes.