Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let the Holiday Stampeding Begin

Tis the season for gifts, friends, and food. Out of the woodworks will come lots of friends, lots of food, and lots of shopping. In the end, we’ll probably start marginalizing friends in an effort to shrink the pages-long list of gifts we’re expected to give out. There’s no need for you to do that this year, we can help. Let me first tell you that last week began our season of parties and get-togethers and we’ve stuffed ourselves with everything from seasoned olives to coconut shrimp to chocolate cake. I am super happy to say that one of those parties featured a platter of our very own marshmallows!

We made great impressions all around. Even the guests who “don’t like marshmallows” enjoyed ours. Peppermint and Mexican chocolate have been very popular lately. It might be the chill in the air or the singing Santa that every mall seems to have but folks have taken to comfort food to keep their spirits and patience high this time of year. Either way, we’re here for all of your party favoring needs.
Our December has been very successful. Those of you who have booked us for your parties, rest assured that your orders will be made and shipped to you in plenty of time for your Christmas, New Years, or Just Because parties you plan on hosting or attending this month. I say “Just Because” because I’m not sure what holidays other countries celebrate but our customers there will be partying with our treats on hand.

For those who have ordered Christmas gifts to be delivered directly to your friends and family, we’ve got you covered as well. You’ll be very popular after Christmas and definitely remembered for giving a unique gift that nobody else will have thought to give before. I’ve always loved folks who give me something I can’t easily find and I really love folks who give me something edible. You too could cover both of those bases in one swoop. We estimate that you can order as late as December 18th and still get your Christmas orders in time to celebrate in gourmet style. But why wait until the last minute, buy now and throw another log in the fireplace and miss out on the madness that is sure to follow as the last 2009 days tick by. Really and truly, who wants to fight over that last tube of cherry chapstick at the always-open drugstore on Christmas Eve night? I am gonna guess that a few of you are saying, “Nope, not me, again!”

Next year we have planned many wonderful seasonal flavors and themes so check back with our blog in January. Until then we say: Thank you all for buying from us and for subscribing to our blog and facebook page. See you in the New Year!
-The Mia Mallows Team