Monday, November 15, 2010

The six months of Christmas, or so it seems sometimes.

Break out the holiday sweets; its that time of year again. The air is cooling, the leaves are dropping, spiked eggnog mugs are being downed, Jack Frost is brushing and flossing, and the mallows are ready to land at your doorstep. Last year our marshmallows made wonderful christmas gift ideas and we heard from many of the recipients about how they enjoyed their treats. Many even went on to become customers themselves which is a source of pride for us. And as if on cue, here is an actual response we just got in this week about last year's mallow Christmas:

"Last year at Christmas eve, we were drinking hot chocolate, when one of the girls asked if I had marshmallows, and I said 'no honey but that would sure have made this hot chocolate'. So then of course Christmas morning their stockings have these huge wonderful marshmallows (thanks to you my wonderful Elf) and they have not stopped talking about this all year. So they will be so excited when they get them because like I mentioned they put on their list to Santa to get the marshmallow and rubber boots. A crazy combination but that is what is on their list. I just wanted to take the time and tell you that this will probably be a favorite Christmas memory and I appreciate you making such a wonderful product and not marking the package so that it can come from Santa. I look forward to the package, thanks so much. You never know when the littlest things can have the biggest impact. Take Care and enjoy the weekend."  
 - Cindy, from Texas

This year we are offering more flavors than we had last year and more packages too.

Our shop is already gearing up for the holidays. Several special event orders have already been placed and sent. We are expecting our process and delivery times to remain pretty much the same as it has all year but the shippers will probably slow new arrivals down as we get closer to Christmas and the other holidays. As such we have this year's delivery deadlines ready for your viewing enjoyment:

Thanksgiving (Nov. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Thursday, Nov. 18th.

Hannukah (Dec. 1st - 9th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Nov. 24th.

Christmas (Dec. 25th) - Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Dec. 15th.
New Years Eve (Dec. 31st) - Get your orderse in to us NO LATER THAN Wednesday, Dec. 22nd.

For the next two months we will also be out getting the word out in person at several area festivals and craft shows. You can check out our site for more details on where we can be found. These last few weeks have been especially enjoyable for us. There are always new folks out there who haven't tried our mallows. Most are amazed that there are mallows beyond what is available at your local grocery store and the gift giving idea is still a popular one.

And finally, for bonus points on this holiday mallow quiz, who can tell me what next month's Flavor Of The Month is? Anybody? Beuller? Beuller? The answer is Peanut butter and chocolate swirl. It will be available on our site and through Etsy at the beginning of December for a limited time only. Happy shopping and season's greetings everyone!

Visit our website for fast convenient shopping:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seasons change and so do the mallows

The Mia Mallows staff is always out looking at what the world would love to see next. We haven't run out of ideas, but one never knows when the recipe will be delicious-able enough to be sent out to the rest of the world. We won't be taking a ludditian approach to our mallows and so far it's worked out pretty well. Today we add yet another flavor to our growing family of mallows. Our artisans have homed in on the perfect recipe for the newest flavor: the Halloween Caramel Apple. We took a little bit of October carnival and added it to a little bit of fall festival (the good foods, not the bad crowds) and mashed it down into a cube for easy shipping.

Celebrate Halloween with the sweet smooth taste of the caramel apple mallow. Imagine the fun of eating a caramel apple without having to stop at the core. Our mallows have neither the core nor the seeds to slow you down.
Order from us and amaze your friends and family at the size of your mallows when they arrive at your door. These aren't your typical Lilliputian mallows offered in stores. Nope, these family sized mallows are made for the connoisseur who will take a small nibble, expecting to find the familiar flavor of a marshmallow, only to find him or herself taking full bites with one hand and fending off friends and foes with the other. The size and quality of our marshmallows will delight their new owners. You'll get enough to share, probably. If not, we're ready to ship quickly.

Next time: we'll discuss the importance of the Bridge of Weir to 18th century Scotland.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl

The food chemists have prayed for inspiration and imagination and because we water and tend both like we would an organice herb garden, a new flavor has sprouted for your tasting pleasure. If you've been following our website (even possibly setting it as your home page; it's never too late), you might have already noticed that the fashionably late and mightily tasty Cinnamon Swirl marshmallow has finally arrived. Actually it arrived a short time back, but the lazy, err busy, blog writer is fashionably late to tell the world about it. D'oh.

One among our faithful readers is actually responsible for the idea that led us to research and design the Cinnamon Swirl you see before you. Great thinker, we salute you. The Cinnamon Swirl mallow has the cutest brown freckles all about it and a sweet after-taste that folks have really enjoyed, making it The Flavor Of The Month. There has already been a very positive response from our base of die-hard mallowers and we have decided to make it a permanent part of the Mia Mallows world.

Behind the scenes at Mia Mallows, we are always in touch with our callers, e-mailers, and the handful of letter writers who are probably waiting for a printed version of this blog to arrive, um, one day I suppose . . . In reality it's the folks who come forward and communicate their ideas and themes that keep our shop busy and constantly improving.
A customer once asked about adults appreciating the flavor as much as kids. From what we've heard, some adults have treated our mallows much like tourists treat the Blarney Stone. It's been discovered that at least one child somewhere in this world has gone without after his or her parents tasted their order first. Sneaky parents are probably smirking and looking down in shame and guilt at this moment.

One customer we spoke with recently said he started eating 1 mallow per day only to give into temptation and doubled his dosage without first consulting his physician. Sadly in the end all he had left was a ravaged box void of everything but mallow wrappers and labels. I hope his replacement order arrived before the cravings did him in; he's a great customer. Please note that there are no habit forming or addiction warnings affixed to our packaging but in the case of cravings during summertime travel, take pleasure in knowing that we ship world-wide.

During month of September every order will include a sample of this new Cinnamon Swirl Marshmallow.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

As we prepare to celebrate our Independence Day, here are a few items you might enjoy:

4th of July Marshmallows from my Mia Mallows shop:

From uneekpillows:

From overdoversclothing:

From CharmingHartBoutique:

From jochris12:

From thedogcoatlady:

From GongyAndSquish:

From CreativeChicsHome:

From countrycarver:

From simplewhimsey:

From boardwalkcandles

And Finally, from my Imagebeads shop:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Express News

Express News
It's such a big world that sometimes we try looking outward as far as we can only to forget the things that are close by. This past Sunday we were finally able to let the locals see the world of Mia Mallows. About a week ago our newspaper, The Express News, came knocking on our digital door and asked if we would be willing to submit to a friendly line of questioning. After agreeing to limit the use of a solitary room with a swinging light bulb, we agreed. One always worries when doing interviews because writers and bloggers are a sneaky folk who can and often write just about anything that floats to top of our heads. You can find this wonderful, frame-worthy article here:

Be sure to share it with 200 of your favorite friends (who will then think you're crazy and probably quit reading your emails).

After a little number crunching, we've come to realize that our huge (by Antarctic standards) company has just turned a single year old! Let's toast to the success we've had so far and to the customer's we've served and hope for an even better year to come and, um World Peace too while we're at it. It's true that the hard work has been harder to realize than a penrose triangle but it's been more than worth it. We've still got a bag full of ideas. Stay tuned.
Mia Mallows

Sunday, May 9, 2010

10 facts about the customers we love so much

Here are 10 facts about the customers we love so much:
1.Our customers are reading these comments.

2. Now you're thinking that was a silly fact.

4. Our customers didn't notice I skipped 3.

5.Our customers are checking it now.

6.Our customers are smiling.

7.Our best customers are still reading these comments.

8.Our customers know everything on this list is true.

10.Our customers didn't notice that I skipped 9.

11.Our customers are checking right now.

12.Our customers didn't notice there were only supposed to be 10 facts.

In other non-Icelandic volcanic news, Mia 35s continue to race up the popularity charts. We have found that shipping on Fridays has worked best for our customers. When ordering, our site displays the next shipping date so you can plan on taking that day off from work to wait next to the front door for the delivery guy or gal. Unfortunately though, our orders do not come with any valid excuses that could potentially save your career. Are our mallows worth it? Ten billion people can't be wrong.* (*-it's hard getting an accurate count so we'll borrow one from McDonald's.)

We were happy to have been found by another wonderful magazine recently and wanted to share that with you. Parade magazine contacted us and has posted on their blog website a short article about our store. You can find their blog here As always, we are thankful for having been noticed and picked from the entire world wide web for their article.

Soon we Express ourselves.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food Network Magazine - April 2010

The cat is out of the bag and perched on newsstands now.

We were thrilled a few weeks ago when a stranger came calling (we get lots of those) and wanted more information about our marshmallows (we get almost as many of those). Little did we know that this caller wielded a mighty fork, knife, and pen. It is an honor and a privilege to announce to our readers that Food Network Magazine has discovered Mia Mallows and has given us a coveted place in their magazine. We, in turn, have run to the highest hilltops screaming in joy, much like Rocky did some 20 years ago.

Our menu has grown and will continue to grow. It now features 35 flavors. The latest to join the party are Red Hot, Lavender, Key Lime, Maple, Saltwater Taffy, and Mixed Berries. As the flow of subscribers have begun receiving the newest issue of Food Network Magazine, a Rosetta Stone of the food world, we have indeed begun fielding calls from various parts of the USA that had not yet found us. I always theorized there were still a few of you out there. Welcome!

And so a call to arms has been made as we switch into Holiday Mode. We are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about the "hip to be" square that is the mallow. Please visit our site, send e-mails, call our number, send a carrier pigeon, or visit one of our growing number of retailers. Caterers and event planners are more than welcome also. There hasn't been an event we haven't been able to help with, so far.

If you Do decide to order but Don't know which flavors to pick, we recommend all of them! By ordering the Mia 35, you'll know that you haven't missed a thing. It's become very popular with our newest customers. Many have returned with a Zen-like understanding of what makes them happiest and later it gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts, because that's the pocket we keep our order phones in.

Again, we say Thank You to Food Network Magazine and Thank You to everybody who has contacted us. Operators are standing by in a three point stance.

Mia Mallows

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

The air is alive with the energy of Valentine's day. As it approaches, you can wander into your local mall and see the sight of many couples walking hand in hand. The ladies have a glowing smile as they hold hands with their worried, under-prepared mates. It's amusing until the middle of the month when it could become dangerous (for him anyway). Her eyes will narrow to predatory slits that will scan his hands and then the rest of him.

We couldn't take any credit for saving strained relationships at this point, but we are definitely in the market to help prevent them. Flowers, chocolates, sparkling jewelry, and designer things are all great at extending your woes, errr, relationship, though sometimes at the expense of shortening your buying power. This year think of us. Our marshmallows are exclusive and very unique and make for excellent gift ideas. With so many flavors, you could easily get her a choice selection of her favorites and be the hero for another twelve months.

Gentlemen, wouldn't you like to see the look of your significant other's smile as she sees admires you for buying her something special; something that appeals to all 32 of her sweet teeth? Conversely, you could see all 32 enraged teeth when you show up with a pharmacy bag topped with last minute gifts pulled from the Halloween clearance aisle. Things could get messy and that's bad. We care about our customer's happiness.

Order really soon in order to have your order at your doorstep by V-Day, or perhaps order a little later to have it ready for IS-Day (as in “I'm Sorry” that I forgot). It makes for a great gift idea either way. With the cold air still around, something sweet to warm from the inside out can have long lasting effects.

The now-finally-over-with holiday season has brought about a new addition to our mallow world because of its impressive popularity. Presenting the latest and greatest flavors: chocolate mint & red hot cinnamon. We were impressed and delighted to know that so many of you liked our interpretation of these flavors. I hope we can keep our desserts pressed to America's taste buds and bring you even more of what you never knew you couldn't live without. {pictures comming soon}

Next time:
There's BIG, HUGE news that you WILL NOT want to miss in the coming weeks. Mia Mallows might never be the same.
{For a Once in a lifetime Opportunity, we were Delited that NEw Transmissions will be Written to make Our mallows Really Known}

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Appreciation Photo

I just wanted to share an appreciation photo that was sent to us.
I Love it!

Photo courtesy of Jodi Masington of Loopie Beads

The marshmallows were ordered from us (gift tags were ordered separate). Favors were put together by Jodi and they look great!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year, lets toast with a cup of chocolate!

However wonderful 2009 was, I am going to toast to every reader that 2010 will be even better. The world is starting to look a little brighter, albeit colder right now, and we hope to have a marshmallow in every cup of chocolate by the end of winter. To that note, I'm sure everybody who hand cuts our mallows just favored their wrist and passed out simultaneously, sorry guys.

The calendar has finally rolled over and we're happy to have survived the Christmas rush for all of you. Packages cris-crossed the globe to reach everybody for the holidays. There were so many customers who wrote such kind notes back to us about how they enjoyed their gifts. The holiday flavors have been very popular with our beloved repeat customers and we again say 'Thank You' for ordering from us.

If you were a recipient of one of our marshmallow packages and have come to see what we're all about, Welcome. Our treats and eats are many many notches above anything you'd find elsewhere. It would be like comparing potatoes hand picked from the fields of Idaho with those you'd find in the supermarket's crinkle cut freezer bins. Our mallow makers are now awake again and smiling, but its all true.

2010 is going to be a great year for new ideas. We've got things in the works that you won't find anywhere else in the entire Roman world. I'm talking wonderful but definitely not strange. (Nobody wants a mushroom flavored marshmallow, trust me on this one.) Keep checking into our site for new flavors and colors. Some of the custom colors and flavors will be posted to our site soon in a new section. We have had great success customizing orders to match special events and occassions lately and wanted to show you some of the latest.

We're always testing and trying new things and the ideas are gonna make you re-rethink what you have heard about marshmallows.

Next time, we'll talk about love, romance, and how marshmallows fit snugly inbetween.