Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food Network Magazine - April 2010

The cat is out of the bag and perched on newsstands now.

We were thrilled a few weeks ago when a stranger came calling (we get lots of those) and wanted more information about our marshmallows (we get almost as many of those). Little did we know that this caller wielded a mighty fork, knife, and pen. It is an honor and a privilege to announce to our readers that Food Network Magazine has discovered Mia Mallows and has given us a coveted place in their magazine. We, in turn, have run to the highest hilltops screaming in joy, much like Rocky did some 20 years ago.

Our menu has grown and will continue to grow. It now features 35 flavors. The latest to join the party are Red Hot, Lavender, Key Lime, Maple, Saltwater Taffy, and Mixed Berries. As the flow of subscribers have begun receiving the newest issue of Food Network Magazine, a Rosetta Stone of the food world, we have indeed begun fielding calls from various parts of the USA that had not yet found us. I always theorized there were still a few of you out there. Welcome!

And so a call to arms has been made as we switch into Holiday Mode. We are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about the "hip to be" square that is the mallow. Please visit our site, send e-mails, call our number, send a carrier pigeon, or visit one of our growing number of retailers. Caterers and event planners are more than welcome also. There hasn't been an event we haven't been able to help with, so far.

If you Do decide to order but Don't know which flavors to pick, we recommend all of them! By ordering the Mia 35, you'll know that you haven't missed a thing. It's become very popular with our newest customers. Many have returned with a Zen-like understanding of what makes them happiest and later it gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts, because that's the pocket we keep our order phones in.

Again, we say Thank You to Food Network Magazine and Thank You to everybody who has contacted us. Operators are standing by in a three point stance.

Mia Mallows