Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We shake the winter chill off and check our stock of sunblock.

The slow winter is dragging itself into the past, finally. It's quickly becoming time to put away the hot cocoa and break out a cold beverage with all apologies to our friends to the north. Here in Texas it's plenty toasty. Drop by and you'll see that our factory has been cranking the air conditioning lately lest our workers break a sweat.

Marshmallow enthusiasts we’re noticing aren’t the hibernating type. We're happy to report that the interest in our mallows hasn't palled one bit and with the seasons changing, we can only hope to hear from more of our customers. If you peek into our shop this month, you’ll notice that we are already hand crafting the latest flavor of the month: lemon-lime swirl. Depending on where you bite in, you’ll get a smooth, crisp, refreshing taste of one or both flavors in the marshmallow. Mallow Of The Month clubbers, keep an eye on your mailbox (and mail deliverer) for your shipment.