Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall into Fall with this year's November Flavor of the Month special

It's still a bit early to check which of Santa's list you've landed yourself onto but you might be able to swing the vote by gifting or sharing an order of this month's flavor of the month: 4 - cranberry orange plus 4 - cranberry apple! 

Mia Mallows has moved into the twitter universe.  Follow us on the sweet path.  We'll lay out a trail of marshmallow crumbs for our readers to nibble on.  There will be anouncements and special offers in the coming year for our twitter followers.  We've got a few ideas, special offers, important deadlines and non-secret messages that will help our marshmallows land in your hands.

Our twitter home is @MiaMallow.  It's a party and everybody is invited.
Order your 8-piece November Flavors of the Month today.
Order your 6-piece Fall Edition (2- Pecan Praline, 2- Pumpkin Pie, 2- Egg Nog).

Get your orders in to us NO LATER THAN Thursday, November 15th, for Thanksgiving delivery.

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