Monday, July 6, 2009

A Newtonian Experiment

Last week we snuck in a little blurb about an experiment we were interested in running and those of you who suffered through the entire blog, hopefully, found it and posted a message. If you did, great! We are going to notify a few randomly selected folks to get their mailing addresses and here's why.
Our chocolate covered apples have always been a fan favorite amongst customer families. They are huge, sweet, and a little tangy. That’s good because a family can sit around, slice this monster up and everybody gets a serving or two. Evenings with friends, birthday parties, and anybody who is planning on visiting their friends and families have really taken to the idea of showing up with our apples. Now, after a few requests for direct delivery, we have begun to toy with the idea of shipping our apples all over the place, you know, to help end world cravings. The problem is, we won't sell anything that needs shipping unless we're sure it’s going to survive and remain pristine until it leaves this world, one slice or bite at a time.
At no expense to you, we would like to send out a single-boxed chocolate dipped apple for you to evaluate. The goal is to get feedback sent directly back to us about the condition it arrived in, along with some other info that we'll include when we contact you via e-mail. Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to add to our listings on Etsy and beyond to include chilled chocolate dipped apples, just in time for the hot summer.
Again, thank you all for your interest in our little mallow world.

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  1. Sure, I'd like to try an apple, but my family and I are going on vacation from the 11th-18th. Don't send anything until after the 18th.