Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sazo Sizzled

Last week, we were invited to be marshmallow experts at a gathering of wedding planners, consultants, photographers, and coordinators at Sazo, located in the Rivercenter Marriott downtown San Antonio. It took longer to write this sentence than to say "Yes, we'll be right over.".

The night, a Thursday, was filled with laughter, food, and a flamenco guitarist with accompanying dancer. Our samples flew off the display shelf and onto more than 70 guests plates that night and we had a wonderful time talking about the flavors we offer (26, in case you're keeping track of what you've sampled so far) and the packages we can offer as uniquie wedding favors (lots, in case you're trying to keep track). We talked and talked and talked mallow all night long and everybody was oh so nice to us. I'm sure if we sold supplemental, out of country travel insurance, we probably wouldn't have been so warmly welcomed, which is unfortunate because we were ready to launch (not really, in case you're propping your feet on packed luggage and googling it).

Once we finished talking about everything except 7th grade math class, we turned our guests loose and they managed to find their way to the chocolate fountain conveniently located 180 degrees away. If you haven't tried a sweet strawberry marshmallow passed under a curtain of smooth milk chocolate, you haven't reached that euphoria one normally can't attain legally. It's like all bodily sensations stop and look up to see whats causing your mind and mouth to scream in joy. Grandmothers might need to be sitting for this experience or risk already-shaky knees losing focus and causing unintended results. I might be a little over the top on this but try it and prove us wrong.

If you're planning a wedding and have scored yourself a chocolate fountain already then I'm sure they've offered you the usual assortment of strawberries, pretzels and maybe even bananas but they will also include marshmallows. Yes, they will include the variety we've all grown up with and that's ok, but imagine that beautiful fountain on that beautiful day flowing an endless sweet curtain of silky chocolate and not having something as unique and eye catching as gourmet, hand-made marshmallows to go with it. It sure would be something they'd talk about for years. Heck, it would take that long to get the chocolate stains off the kiddo's dress shirts but for that one night, you'd have laughing, dancing kids and those type always, always make for perfect weddings.

Orders have come in and shipped out to so many wonderful places in this world, I just wish shipping and handling charges covered hand delivery. We sure wouldn't have minded heading across the Atlantic. One of our (now most beloved) customers has taken the Mia Mallows experience online to share her thoughts with the rest of the world. Here is proof positive that we're making the world a more mallow place, follow this link for an A-Z rundown of her experiences with us.

Incase you want to go directly to youtube:

As always, Thank You All for your positive feedback and support and we hope to see you in San Antonio at the Bridal Extravaganza on September 20, 2009.

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