Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cupid needs a changing

Gentlemen, the countdown to Valentine's Day is working against you. Each moment you spend not buying a marshmallow gift draws you closer to the local drug store in a crazed "I'll take anything" state of mind. This year, for your convenient shopping pleasure, we have already begun offering our one-of-a-kind-in-this-whole-wide-world Valentine's Day Edition special. "That sounds delicious, but what exactly is it?" you ask? In a six pack tray, you or your beloved will get a strawberry mallow, a raspberry mallow, a cherry mallow, a vanilla mallow, a chocolate mallow, and finally a delicious strawberry AND chocolate swirled marshmallow. Quite simply, it will blow all minds and tastebuds in its presence.

Sure, diamonds are forever, but save those for a future need when a high dollar item is called for to save the day. Unlike diamonds, Mia Mallows can offer you something hand-made and hand-cut at an excellent price with excellent delivery options. You'll even have a few bucks left over to swing by the flower shop and match your new mallows to her favorite flowers. One special day covered in class and style: check.

Next month, we'll have everybody come up front and center for some reintroductions.

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