Saturday, July 30, 2011

The summer crop has arrived

Sometime back we watched one of those news segments that run two minutes before the credits roll. You probably know the type. It’s usually a weird or wacky or feel good story about something unusual, to us anyway. The topic of the day was the cost of watermelons in foreign countries. Japan, in particular, grows watermelons that sell for close to $100 and come in a cute square shape which is explained as a space saving technique. It didn’t take much more ideation than that to set us into action, sans superhero outfit. No, we haven’t moved into the lucrative overseas watermelon market but we can deliver a square watermelon at the fraction of the price.

Of course, we’re talking about a watermelon marshmallow!!!

The August Flavor of the Month is the, just in time for the season, watermelow. The result is a 1½ inch cubed watermelon that won’t set you back quite so much, yet you’ll be the only one on the block with a stockpile of them. Our watermelon marshmallow will delight anybody looking for that sweet fresh flavor without the hassle of picking one at a supermarket. We’ll deliver them right to your front door.

They’re portable too; from the box to your hand in less than 3 seconds. “But what about the seeds?” you ask? Not a problem, we’ve taken them out to save space and time. Besides, they could sprout roots and who really wants a box of seedlings delivered to their front doors. Not tasty at all, we theorize. So stop by our shop and give our August Flavor Of The Month a try.

Next month: we’ll delve into our reasoning for declining to make geebung marshmallows.

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