Sunday, June 14, 2009


Mia Mallows has a short, sweet beginning. About a year ago, we stumbled upon the philosophy of creating something original but still familiar to everybody. Several ideas looked promising and we might still pursue them one day. The problem is that we’re having so much fun with our little marshmallow seedling.
We started making marshmallows for friends and family, but as the demand for them grew, we knew we needed to expand. The hunt started and ended fairly quickly when we came across an ice cream shop that had counter and kitchen space up for lease. That was about 3 months ago. Today we have fully moved into Yoyo’s Creamery here in San Antonio and have finally ironed out all of the little things that every business goes through getting off the ground. The secret mix of sweets and flavors was tinkered with until we got it right. Anybody can buy a marshmallow and even toss a few things together and come up with one, but few would stumble across the sweet (but not too sweet) flavor and soft (but not too soft) feel that we are very, very proud to offer. Our original vanilla marshmallow is familiar but very different and our flavored marshmallows will never have that overpowering artificial taste that often comes with factory-made desserts.

With so many ideas for different combinations it’s going to take a while before we’re done offering new flavors. It’s been great so far and we’re especially happy knowing that our customers are always getting the best marshmallows anybody could offer.

Another way we are looking to expand is through Etsy. We opened our Etsy store on June 10th, and have been greeted with wave of hearts. I will be posting new items weekly, and here is a preview of our signature apple, which will be posted on Etsy, as soon as we receive our shipping supplies.
We dip a big delicious red apple in our very own marshmallow fluff and roll it in walnuts. When the marshmallow has set, we cover it with dark chocolate, and drizzle ribbons of white chocolate.

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  1. Your candies look so Yummy! Almost to pretty to eat =)