Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The life of a marshmallow

We have had folks come by and to satisfy their curiosity ever since we got started. They feel obliged to pick up, poke, squeeze, or otherwise hand-bounce a 6-pack of our mallows. I can’t say I blame them. We do, after all, sell something that stimulates the sense by their appearance, smell, texture, and of course, taste. The raised eyebrows and subtle nod usually leads to what I wanted to talk about today.

How Long Do Your Marshmallows Last? I’ve always taken this as a valid question.
We haven’t added preservatives to our recipes for two reasons.

  1. The ingredients aren’t especially perishable. Marshmallows don’t require refrigeration or special conditions, such as vacuum sealing to keep their sexy, fluffy cube shape. In that, we got lucky because shipping has never, ever been a problem. Our early batches were mailed to relatives, who we asked to resist the urge to bite and claw their way in, and instead turn around and send the package back. The result: you’ll get the same wonderful hand-cut treats that you see in our galleries every time.
  2. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, our marshmallows don’t really last long enough on a shelf or in your home long enough to tire them out and for that we give you our most sincere thanks.
Our testing and experimenting have shown that a freshly made pack of marshmallows will last eight weeks in its packaging. 8 weeks is as long as we have tried so far, so if you can resist the urge to pry the bag open longer, let us know how they hold up.

I’m sure the factory-made products use mostly the same ingredients we use. The difference being, they need their stuff to last months as it travels across the country and onto store shelves where they will sit until a family’s special event or, perhaps, the winter holidays come around. Nothing wrong with that, we wouldn’t ask anybody to compare ours with theirs, though doing so could be a fun thing to try. Our Original’s have a taste you just won’t find out there, but I’ve digressed enough already.

So, there you have it, buy today and enjoy on your summer vacation, on a long car trip or flight, at the family campsite or picnic, while attending your summer seminars or even to soften your mean Aunt Ester’s half hearted hug as you show up unannounced for the yearly stroll up and down the family tree. There I go again on another tangent, sorry about that. My point being: they won’t last long (in your hands that is).

I’ve got more questions that I’ll answer soon with maybe a little marshmallow trivia or other life altering marshmallow info to come. Life, I believe, is just too short to not indulge every now and again. The simple things sometimes make the biggest impressions and the very best memories. Hand a marshmallow to a child; you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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  1. You make wonderfully tempting treats! I'm heading to your etsy shop to look around...and possibly lick the screen;)